Seedy and Greedy

The Greedy and the Seedy

There has recently been a great deal of discussion regarding concerns that the Trump administration by “coercing” American business to return or remain in America, or risk serious financial repercussions, is engaging in a sort of fascism. That assessment deserves serious consideration.

Many financial analysts warn that by adding a 35% tariff on goods produced outside the US by American companies, the increase in cost will impose a major hardship for many consumers. That assessment is accurate, but with this caveat:

CEO’s have become Monarchs and in some cases Dictators over their underpaid and overly exploited workers. Fifty years ago, the “boss” or owner of a company was happy to enjoy a compensation of as little as ten (10) times what the average worker was being paid. There was a thing called loyalty that existed between worker and boss. Today, greed has become almost a new religion in America, and money is the spiritual motivator.

I watched in astonishment on Tuesday, as Eric Bolling, co-host of “The Five” on FOX TV, a gentleman whose business acumen I readily acknowledge, defended the actions of greedy business owners who hire H1B visa holders to come into their companies and take jobs away from American employees. His justification was that “they are doing what’s best for the bottom line, and it is a legal loophole.” Yes, he did add that he would support closing the loophole, but is it right to condone the exploitation and dismissal of hard working employees  to boost the bottom line and please the board of directors, shareholders and what have you, just because you can? I would expect to hear that kind of heartless attitude being expressed by Eric on ‘Fast Money’ or ‘Happy Hour’, but  I am surprised to hear him utter it on ‘The Five’. It’s a wonder he didn’t have to perform another Heimlich on Bob Beckel who probably missed the comment.

This attitude of “nothing matters but gaining maximum return regardless of the moral implication” is exactly what the left and MSM use as an excuse to paint all conservatives as heartless greedy bastards.

               Stephen Colbert mocks Eric Bolling

It allows them to justify the ongoing attack against all conservatives, even though most are compassionate, hard working, decent and law abiding individuals. It is one of the reasons I left our local Chamber of Commerce years ago. They showed no concern for the effect of their actions on anything other than political influence and profit.

Success is something that we should all strive for, and that includes financial success; but we must not sacrifice morality and ethics in order to achieve it.

I know Eric Bolling is a good man. A husband and a father who loves his family and his country; but, I wish he, as well as our sitting President, would not supply ammunition to those who are fanatically intent on destroying our nation from within.